“Peeing In My Pants: Everybody Does It”

We were so heartened to see this fantastic radio story from Lauren Whaley:


Despite being extremely common, bladder control issues are still an uncomfortable and taboo subject for many people. That drives us crazy – it creates an incorrect sense of isolation and abnormality and prevents people from understanding the many options they have for making things better. The piece is not too long (8 minutes) and VERY worth a listen! (And, of course, we’re tickled that kGoal comes up…).


kGoal Boost Update!

in hand

Particularly now that Conan O’Brien had some fun with kGoal Boost on his show, we’ve been hearing from lots of interested people with questions about kGoal Boost and so we wanted to provide a quick update:

  • We’re still working on finalizing an updated product launch schedule – we’ll release those details as soon as they are locked in
  • We just published a product page for kGoal Boost here on our website (http://www.minnalife.com/products/kgoal-boost). This page enables you to reserve a pre-order from the first production run and will help us assess demand and manage our manufacturing ramp-up. There is no commitment or money collected so the reservation is risk-free.

We’re always happy to answer questions (customerservice@minnalife.com) and very excited to bring kGoal Boost to life as soon as we can. Thanks!

Minna Movember!



As you probably already know if you’re reading this, our passion here at Minna is sexual health. That’s why November is one of our favorite months – we love to see issues like prostate cancer get some attention through the efforts of the great team at the Movember Foundation and everyone who supports them.

One of the things we’re most excited about for our new men’s Kegel exerciser, kGoal Boost, is its ability to help guys recover from prostatectomies. There is a lot of research (like this study, or this one) demonstrating the effectiveness of Kegel exercise (especially using biofeedback) on improving bladder control and erectile function after those procedures and so we’re excited to be able to help with that.

As part of our efforts to spread the word about the importance of sexual health for men, kGoal Boost has been growing a Boostache in support of Movember and doing some sightseeing here in San Francisco (and beyond!). We’re going to be sharing photos of his travels throughout the month, and we’ll be donating $5 to the Movember Foundation for every time one of these photo posts is shared on Facebook (limit $1000).

So we hope you’ll keep an eye out for this little fellow (and his fashionable facial hair) and be part of the conversation to promote sexual health awareness!