Minna Movember!

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As you probably already know if you’re reading this, our passion here at Minna is sexual health. That’s why November is one of our favorite months – we love to see issues like prostate cancer get some attention through the efforts of the great team at the Movember Foundation and everyone who supports them.

One of the things we’re most excited about for our new men’s Kegel exerciser, kGoal Boost, is its ability to help guys recover from prostatectomies. There is a lot of research (like this study, or this one) demonstrating the effectiveness of Kegel exercise (especially using biofeedback) on improving bladder control and erectile function after those procedures and so we’re excited to be able to help with that.

As part of our efforts to spread the word about the importance of sexual health for men, kGoal Boost has been growing a Boostache in support of Movember and doing some sightseeing here in San Francisco (and beyond!). We’re going to be sharing photos of his travels throughout the month, and we’ll be donating $5 to the Movember Foundation for every time one of these photo posts is shared on Facebook (limit $1000).

So we hope you’ll keep an eye out for this little fellow (and his fashionable facial hair) and be part of the conversation to promote sexual health awareness!

Introducing kGoal Boost!


As we progressed along the product development journey with kGoal, there is one question that we kept being asked: “Do you have a version for men?” kGoal was designed and optimized for women, but it was clear that there is a huge need for a product that could help guys understand and improve their pelvic floor health, too. After all, pelvic floor exercise for men has many of the same sexual function and bladder control benefits as it does for women. And there is a serious lack of tools available (both information about why pelvic floor fitness matters for men and products to help).

That’s why we’re extremely excited to be able to announce Minna’s newest product. It’s called kGoal Boost, and it is bringing smart Kegel exercise to men. It’s a small device shaped like a miniature bike seat – when you sit on it, it will measure pelvic floor muscle contractions via motion in your perineum (and yes, you can leave your clothes on). The free smart phone app provides the interface to track your progress and exercise history as well as interact with guided workouts and even games. Never again will “It’s boring” be a valid excuse to avoid Kegel exercise!

Check out our pre-order campaign on Kickstarter, which is running until January 3, 2016. It’s a great way to get one of the first-ever units, and at a nice discount from the launch price. And most importantly, take a minute to learn about why pelvic floor fitness matters for everyone, and spread the word!

To Pee or Not to Pee: a kGoal & GladRags giveaway!

Today’s blog post comes from our friend Tracy Puhl, the owner of Glad Rags. Glad Rags makes high quality, sustainable (and awesome!) menstrual products and shares our passion for women’s health. In addition to the post, they are generously partnering with us in a contest to win a kGoal and a 7-pack of your choice of GladRags cloth pantyliners! You can enter the contest via the widget in their post here.


I have a confession to make: I have sneezed with such force while in a grocery store that I peed. I PEED. Just a little bit, but enough for me to frantically whisper at my boyfriend, “look at my pants! did I just pee myself?!?” in the aisle of QFC. This incident definitely ranks in one of my top five embarrassing stories (although judging by the frequency with which I tell it, you’d probably never guess).

Many of us are aware that pregnancy, along with all of its other effects on the female body, can cause what we quaintly call “leakage.” The icing on my mortification cake is this: I was not, nor have I ever been, pregnant. My sneeze-pee in the candy aisle of the grocery store was a wake up call.

Urinary incontinence affects twice as many women as men, and the most common form is stress incontinence (aka leaking when you sneeze, dance, laugh, etc). Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can all contribute to stress incontinence, which affects millions of women in the U.S.

Many of our customers, in fact, use GladRags as daily backup against stress incontinence. Cloth pantyliners are a much better alternative than plastic disposables, especially if you’re wearing them daily. The adhesives of disposable pantyliners are a known vulvar skin irritant, and the cost can really stack up when they’re used every day.

Our shipping manager, Eliana, recently quipped “Do you want your GladRags to retire when you do? Then do your Kegels.” Doing your Kegels (aka pelvic floor exercises) is one of the simplest, least invasive ways to improve bladder control, but they must be done correctly to be effective. To perform pelvic floor exercises, squeeze the muscles in your pelvic area as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Only squeeze your pelvic muscles — avoid clenching your stomach, legs, or butt. And of course there is no substitute for visiting your medical caregiver for proper instructions!

Trying to get into a pelvic floor exercise routine is kind of daunting for a newbie, especially when you’re not sure if you’re doing them correctly. When the kind folks at Minna Life generously offered to send me their new kGoal exerciser to try out, I jumped at the opportunity!

The kGoal is unique in that it provides real-time feedback: this little device buzzes when squeezed, so you know you’re using the right muscles. It also connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet so that you can complete ‘workouts,’ which are then scored in the areas of strength, endurance, and control. One of the workouts feels more like a game —  you squeeze and release to allow different shapes to pass through a threshold, leveling up as your strength, control, and endurance improve — which makes the thought of doing pelvic floor exercises way less boring.

The one feature I’d love to see would be to allow users to ‘challenge’ their friends on the app — my pal Erika (read her kGoal review here) and I would like an easier way to report our vagina strength to one another! — but I get that most people are probably not anxiously awaiting this feature. Otherwise, the app and device have run smoothly and intuitively for me every time. It’s still not second nature for me to remember to do my workout, but I’ve practiced more with the kGoal than any other pelvic floor exercise aid.

We’ve partnered with Minna Life to offer a special giveaway for GladRags readers. Use the widget below to enter to win your very own kGoal and a 7-pack of your choice of GladRags cloth pantyliners.*

*winner may choose any combo of seven standard Pantyliners, Thong Pantyliners, or Pantyliner Plus in natural organic cotton or their favorite print. View all pantyliner options here.